Sometimes it is really unbelievable how the internet makes the world smaller.  Hearing from people or groups of people from the other side of the world doesn’t take days or months, it just takes a Google search away! So from the land down under to the US of A we came across 32aabra.com.  With Sugarchilli, it has always been our biggest pleasure to hear about other small busted stories in some other parts of the world.

Amanda is the amazing owner of 32aabra.com and  provides great tips, advice and even recommendations about where to get your ‘A’ bras, issues involved with small busts, and entertaining reads. We found her interview with Jene Luciani very insightful and inspiring!
Read the interview on her blog here:

32aabra.com – Jene Luciani on Bras, Boobs, Fitting In and Standing Out.

To Amanda at 32aabra.com, thank you for being a fantastic online resource and keep up the great work! No doubt many women around the world will have benefited from your website.


Moulded cups, a first from Sugarchilli, all of the designs for their bras and swimwear are incorporated with moulded cups. This is an absolute help for all women who want their bust increase a full cup size. All of the cups are also designed with built in booster pads for inserting silicone gels and further increase the size of the breasts. What’s more is that it also create an all -natural breast. Check out the latest in plain coloured bikinis which includes four colours – black, white and nude colours.

Now you have an extreme cleavage bra and or bikini which gives an incredible push up with cleavage and separation. It is also made from the most comfortable fabric from cotton, to spandex and of course nylons.
Outside of Sugarchilli, you can also try bras or bikini with burnout fabrication. Thus, giving you with an even line under t-shirts. This also permit further increase (and bonus!) of an push-up layer built in the unde rcup of the bra or bikini for greater than before cleavage. Fashion bras or trendy bikinis are also a big necessity in ones closet. Try browsing for a lace wing bra by using a smooth cup that also sports a push up lift for an improved cleavage.


Even though that you’re just a couple of inches tall, say, 3 inches to barely 5 inches in height, it doesn’t mean you can’t find for afitting size on your coveted designer labels or styles. Although, it is true that most of the retailer don’t usually create custom sizes, but hey, you can always play around and be creative with your clothes.Different kinds of (yes…you heard right!) unlimited varieties of petite size clothes can be attained. Choose from handkerchief hemlines which are considered one of the most comfy dresses to smooth outlines. This gives an impression of a bit fierce, confident and fun person to look at. As you know, 2011 is covered with bright shades, fascinating and creative patterns. As such, in finding clothes, select those creamy shirts and or tops with snug bodices. This will definitely draw and give much style and trend on both your look and clothing options.

Below are a few outfit selections for petites!

Most often petites are always associated to have small bust lines. This is not always the case. Petites are not often measured through their bust lines. The sizes are considered smaller but there are also those that have plus size measurements on their undergarments. As such, measurements differ on one part of the body to the other. And for those who have a small bust line, it is better to opt for halter shoulder straps. This will incredibly lessen the width of the shoulder and create a balance proportion in the eyes. It is also recommended to look for deep guitar neck halters. This will look sexy in your breasts making it look bigger. It will also lengthen your legs and slim your waist. As such, providing a “swan-like” appearance.

And lastly take also into consideration in finding halter leading necklines. These necklines direct your onlookers on the upper portion of your body. This is perfect for petites as it also create the illusion of a slim bodice and the dress ends in the middle of the calf. Keep in mind that angled hemline cuts which falls along your thighs and legs gives an illusion of larger bottom. If you want this, then by all means do so. But it is advised that in petites, that certain proportion should be balanced. Bottoms should be moderated so as to create length and slim the figure. So, if this is enlarging, visually it will still look smaller.

Credit to Herecomesthegirls.co.uk

So for every unique, beautiful petite woman, don’t fret! There are clothes for our sizes!

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