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SugarchilliTV is launched! Our first episode is a guide to some of the great products that cater to small busts and petite frames. For too long Australia has been without access to these great products – but now they’re here!

The Sugarchilli story started as a personal experience when we struggled to find push up bikinis that gave enough support via underwire, padding, or moulded cups.

We soon realised that we weren’t alone. Many of our friends also complained about the lack of products and the internet forums were also not dissimilar. It was completely puzzling as to why small busts weren’t catered for!? If bigger women have a large range of products that allow them to shape and dress how they want, why can’t smaller women too? And it wasn’t just small busts, women with petite frames couldn’t find products that were sized for them.

Frustrated that there were no current solutions, we took matters into our own hands and created Sugarchilli Bras & Bikinis.

To start off  all our current items have push up technology. But we’ll introduce additional products later on such as soft cups or non-underwired bras. Of course, they will remain handpicked to suit small busts and petite frames.

So what are the little differences that make a bra great for small busts or petite frames?

(We’ve actually written a detailed post with many pictures here – “push up bras for small busts” but you can read on for a quick summary)

To start off, in our basics range you’ll find that they either contain liquid, gel or foam padding.

Liquid padding is fantastic in an everyday bra because it really gives you a natural shape and is super comfortable. Liquid padding accommodates easily, making it comfortable for the many different shaped busts that women have. Thanks to clever design, they also don’t “slosh” about once put on. Liquid padded bras are also commonly known as water bras.

Some of our bras contain gel padding, which tends to be firmer but also lighter. This lends itself to applications such as strapless bras where you don’t have the hanging support of shoulder straps (unlike the heavier liquid pads which are supported by straps).

Our fashion bras contain an amazing amount of padded foam. These must be seen to be believed. We can guarantee if you have no boobs that these will give you boobs.

Sometimes, one of the concerns of using padding, particularly foam padding is it giving your bust a “fake” look. This happens where the padding is applied to the wrong areas of your bust and adversely affects the shape of your bust. From experimenting on all our friends, we find that it’s imperative that the right size and fit is achieved first. Once you have the right size, the padding then works on the correct areas of your bust. Get the right size, and you usually don’t have to worry.

Whoever thought of applying the same push ideas to bikinis is a genius! All our current bikinis come from a Japanese brand (more brands coming in next spring) and all of them come with underwire, padding, inserts, and moulded cups. We’ve actually written post just about bikinis with plenty of photos to show“How to flatter a small bust with bikinis”. Have a look if you’re interested.

Over the next few months, Sugarchilli will be adding more high quality products to the catalogue and continue to make sure that our Aussie women aren’t missing out on all the great things that are available around the globe.

And for this, we need your help. We’ve got a pretty good idea of what products are still needed but if there’s been something you’ve had trouble looking for – why not let us know! Post your idea/want/need/rant in the comments below and we’ll keep our eyes out for you!