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bras for the small bust

We said we’d get in great push-up bras and we DID!

With underwire, moulded cups and lots of padding in sizes 8, 10 and 12 A, AA and B, we give you smooth T-shirt bras for your daily outfit, strapless bras for that special dress or top and adorable funky sets just because every girl likes pretty underwear.

Some of our faves:

1. Double Gel Bra by After Eden


Priced at AUD64.95 and available in black and white, this bra has underwire, smooth moulded cups, feminine double straps and gorgeous lace wings for that sexy touch. It’s great under sexy tops for special nights out, or even your daily shirts (so you can go about your day with confidence!).

And it’s not called ‘double gel’ for nothing!


Available in 8-12 AA, and 10-12 A and B, this bra will certainly double your cleavage! Gel padding tends to be firmer than liquid filled bras (like the Panache one below), but is also lighter! This lends itself to applications such as strapless bras where you don’t have the hanging support of shoulder straps (unlike the heavier liquid pads which are supported by straps.

(Double Gel Strapless Bra also available at our store)

2. T-Shirt Liquid-Filled Bra by Panache Atlantis

At AUD64.95, this bra is an investment but by golly, a good investment it is.


With underwire and smooth cups, this is great under any T-shirt. The gem is the liquid-filled cups! It’s chock full of the stuff (kinda fun to press it and feel it squish around) to give this bra the unique ability to mould to your body and up your cup size while looking so natural and feeling so comfortable. Liquid padding accomodates easily, making it comfortable for the many different shaped busts that women have. Thanks to clever design, they also don’t “slosh” about once put on. This bra is available in 10-12AA and B, and 8-12 A, and in latte and white.



3. Sabina Doomm Doomm bras

All the designs are so cute we couldn’t choose a fave!


They all come with underwire, moulded cups and so much padding they seriously create boobs out of nothing. Our fashion bras contain an amazing amount of fabric/foam padding. These must be seen to be believed. We can guarantee if you have no boobs that these will give you boobs- they will increase your cleavage by 1-2 cup sizes. Sometimes, one of the concerns of using padding, particularly fabric/foam padding is it giving your bust a “fake” look. This happens where the padding is applied to the wrong areas of your bust and adversely affects the shape of your bust. From experimenting on all our small busted friends, we find that it’s imperative that the right size and fit is achieved first. Once you have the right size, the padding then works on the correct areas of your bust. Get the right size, and you usually don’t have to worry.


We couldn’t capture it on camera, but believe us when we say the padding is actually a bit thicker than the After Eden double gel bra above (and you thought that looked like a lot)!

Definitely the bra for you if you like super padding. It comes in 5 cute designs and in sizes 8-12AA and 8-10A, priced at AUD59.95 a set or AUD49.95 for the bra only.

What kind of padding is suitable for me?

If you feel you have ‘wider’ breasts, you may want to bring them in as well as push them up to create cleavage. In this case we would recommend liquid bras which mould better to the body, or bras which have padding on the outer sides of the cup as well.

If you feel like you ‘don’t have a lot to push up’ and have tried push-up bras which have padding only at the bottom half of the cups to no avail- then we’d recommend the Sabina Doomm Doomm bras as their padding is generally more evenly distributed within the cups. Simply lean forward when putting on the bra- make sure your breasts are sitting properly in the cups and that the band is sitting flat against your skin beneath your bust. Then adjust the bra to make sure it’s hugging the outer sides of your breasts to bring them for maximum cleavage. We have plenty of AA cup customers gushing about this range!

To find out more about the items featured in this post or browse other our other push-up bras and bikinis, watch our SugarchilliTV show or visit our store!


Happy shopping!
The Sugarchilli Team


If you thought the “push-up” bra was one of the newest and ingenious products ever made, think again! Women’s needs for support, coverage and bust-boosting have existed for centuries as demonstrated by the photo above of an 18th century bust enhancing bra. Indeed, our bust enhancing technology has come a very long way.

In the earlier periods, the closest to having a “push up bra” was that of the stripped cloth and the corset. During the 1800’s women with voluptuous bodies were thought of as people with money. Thus, having a healthy figure, meant that she or her family had the means to provide for food. So flaunting a little cleavage and a curvy figure was a good thing back then. On the other hand, the Greeks and Romans found that small breasts had a smoother contour than that of the big breasted. As such, big breasted women were told to wear corsets, which basically squashed everything.1 Thus, breathing was not an option. Of course, corsets were also used to enhance and push up busts, albeit with a very tight fitting.2 Good thing for us these days however, we have the choice to just enhance, rather than being unable to breathe!

Today, youth and the idea of what is seen as a desired physical appearance is typically defined by the bosom blessed. American media has long bombarded and influenced the “sexy-big-boob” culture. So what about us smaller busted women?! Like our century older counterparts in the 1800’s, small busted women also like to flaunt their God given bosoms too. The question is how? Thank God for modern push up bras or other moulded cup technology and not corsets, breathing is now possible! Unlike corsets, push up bras and moulded cups also mean comfort, typically made of a cotton or polyester fabric and coupled with decorative lace. For further bust boosting while still retaining comfort, some push up bras include padding inside of the cups. A moulded cup bra also makes the bra seem invisible to even the tightest fitting clothing. These bras contour the owner’s breast which is great for cupping breasts—thus giving it a fuller shape and definition. For some, this is also called the seamless style bra—a must for all the small busted.

We should not be ashamed of being small busted. Great inventions (the push up bra) have rooted from small busted needs. Taking note of that, stand up and be proud. Modern standards of beauty especially in defining what is attractive and what isn’t have evolved. And yes, there are men who love the small busted too, they aren’t just from the 1800’s or Greeks or Romans either (just check out this video here for proof)! Being proud, means loving, flaunting or even enhancing them. Enhancing your small boobs isn’t a bad thing either. If you want to flaunt your girls, no one is stopping you. Flaunting also means you’re proud with what you have and you have that confidence with your whole body. And if you want to enhance, there are many bras to choose from, you can choose from a Double Gel Bra, a Padded Sports Bra or a Strapless Gel Bra. All of which bring a natural, more confident new you and you can be certain that these products are fitted for the small busted. You’ll just have to find the right size that fits you well. Be proud to be small busted, we are the influencer—meaning, we have the choice, we can be flat and we can also be voluptuous. Love your body, own it and celebrate being unique!

1 Gareth Marples, “The History of Bra- An Uplifting Story ,”2008,, 10 September 2008

2 “Brassierre,”