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Would you say that the majority of gift buying is done by women? Men are usually lying around until the last minute waiting for something to fall into their hands to give. Tradition says that most men buy gifts for women in the form of jewelry. But if you give jewelry to all of the women in your family, debt comes next. One bra brand has proposed an alternative solution, a new kind of gift for this Christmas – one that man should definitely watch out for! This Christmas, you will never believe it, but bras can sing. La Senza have created an ad named the “Cup Size Choir”. In the ad, all of the cup sizes are shown and the ladies wearing them sing different sexy, luxurious notes. There are A to G cups and the cups sizes have a correlation with musical notes. To the backdrop (or rather frontdrop?) of Deck the Halls, each of the girls showcase their bra styles in Christmas colours, which are, black, red or maroon, blue, and gold tones. And do they look stunning!? Whatever the body type or cup size in this range, they all look gorgeous.

Even the small, “A” cup choir girl still looks ravishing and undeniably drop-dead-gorgeous both standing up and lying down on the bed. Whatever the cup size, each has their own beauty and still feels and appears amazing.

Do you know what this ad has left out? It’s left out the fact that F-sized busts aren’t the only ones that get to sing the higher notes. Small busts also get the high notes and “La” sounds.


Time for a shameless plug from Sugarchilli!

A small bust can choose to sing an “A” note or wear a push up bra and have the choice to sing with the “C” note choir if they so wished. E.G. Sing one note higher with this soft doomm multiway bra. Or fancy a much higher and longer “Laaaa” note with these delicious Doomm Maximum Cleavage cups. Stretch your notes all the way to the beach and get an audience with Sugarchilli push up bikinis one note higher on their own, and up to two notes higher by adding  silicone inserts to your bikinis!

It’s important to note that cup sizes aren’t the only thing that measure how big your bosoms are. Cup sizes are always relative to band width. This ad does gives the impression of bras fitting via cup sizes only but lads (and ladies) need to remember the band width/cup size matrix to get the right fit.  Enjoy the video below and have a merry note-ful Christmas!


It is not always during summer that we find our closets for our most frightening outwear…our swimwear. It is rare to see the most flattering swimwear which actually suits a real woman’s body. What’s more and sad to admit is that most of the swimwear is designed specifically for models. Models who are slim, long legged, and most of which are big busted both on the upper and lower parts of the body. As such, it looks good on the cover or on the magazine spread when we try it on, it doesn’t look as good anymore.

Credits to Zimmerman

Its brand or label doesn’t make any difference too. All of which is plain and simple, it doesn’t flatter. So, how do we spot trends from classic pieces? That are actually tested and which really flatters a woman’s body. Let us first design which area points or body parts you want to achieve. Most women would like to cover or hide “fatty” layers of their body. May it on their back side, front, legs and more importantly their tummies. On bikinis or any two-piece swimwear or one piece, tummies are always exposed.

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Most of these kinds of swimwear create a diversion so that all those parts you want to hide will not be seen directly by your onlookers. One of these diversion tactics is using padded bikini tops through which it visually increases breast size. So, instead of looking into your tummy or to any fat of your body, your breasts lead ahead. High cut bottoms whilst still giving full coverage at the back is one of the good choices you can opt for in getting your swimwear. Things and low bottom swimwear is common among young women but for some who undergo pregnancy and what we call aging, permanent marks are too many mention and thus needs covering. One-piece swimsuits also look good and work functionally to women who’d want to cover or tuck their tummies. But it’s rare to see this to most products online. Most materials are spandex or nylon or a mix of both through which it only hugs the body and not help it shape and give the necessary “curviness” each woman wants to achieve.


These days it seems that summer is always around the corner. With vintage and retro style trend to look out for, wearable items are somewhat reminding the lookers of outdoors and ultimately swimsuits or swimwear. Now, let us break down the key style trends for this summer.

Pastels are still big trend although colours are toned down. Neon colours and or any bright “glow-in-the-dark” inspired colours from the 80s should be thrown out. Colours like those romantic pastels are very much alive this summer.

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Vintage inspired swimwear or bikinis are always on the demure, ladylike nudes. Pale pinks, nude colours or cream plus with floral themed fabric or cover ups are the idea behind any bikini, one-pieces, tankinis, monokinis, ruffles and or frills swimwear sold around. For its material or its fabrics, most of which are chosen to be soft and flowing and subtly textured with lace.

Credits to My Siter

If you want to look high fashion or fancy a sophisticated resort look, you can pair your swimwear with accessories which have a unique vintage feel, that is, jewelry and or vintage style belts for your kaftans or sheer cover ups.

Credits to Victoria Secret

Vintage colours especially the nude ones are the most feminine colours and which give the legs the illusion of being long. There are so many we could get from vintage themes, vintage really rocks!