As Swimwear Finder compiles a list of swimwear from different stores, we recommend looking up the fitting guide on the individual store's websites before making your purchase. 

For bra-sized swimwear tops, below is a general guide to calculating your bra size: 


Using a soft tape measure, measure your ribcage just under your bust in inches- the tape should feel tight. If it's an odd   number- add 5 inches, if it's an even number- add 4 inches. This is your underbust measurement.

Underbust measurement (inches)
* Also UK band size
30 32 34 36 38 40
Australian band size 8 10 12 14 16 18
European band size 65 70 75 80 85 90


Next, loosely measure the fullest part of your bust. (You should be braless or wearing a soft cup bra- no padding!). Then, subtract your band size from this reading. If there is no difference or less than one inch difference, you are a AA. If there is 1 inch difference, you are an A. If 2 inches, you are a B, If 3, you are a C. If 4, a D…and so forth!

While the above method of calculation provides a rough guideline, we advise that the personal nature of bra fitting and difference in manufacturing across countries inevitably means there may be some give and take. The real test is seeing how well the bra fits you. 

A few things to note include:
1. Your breasts should NOT be spilling out over the cups.
2. The underwire should be resting on your ribcage both below your breasts and on the sides and NOT on your breasts.
3. When you take off your bra, the underwire, band and straps should NOT leave obvious lines and marks on your skin.
4. When you try on a new bra, the band should be comfortably snug when fastened on the LAST (loosest) hook. The multiple  
    fastenings is to adjust the bra as it loosens with repeated wears and washes.
5. The middle section of your bra (between the cups) should be resting flatly against your body- there should NOT be a gap.

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